The Course
Course Map Click Here
Swim - .8 miles (approx) in river with current OR Run (Duathletes) - 1.5 miles around City Island.
At approximately 6:30 am athletes will be encouraged to walk as a group to the North end of the island past the baseball stadium to the "concrete beach" area by bath house for the race start.   TIP:  Some people walk it barefoot,  but it is on paved roadway so most opt to bring an old pair of flip flops or sneakers. You can put them in your race bag, write your name on them if you want.

The swim will be a wave start so please start with your wave!  Waves will be evenly distributed depending on the number of athletes in each age category and will be announced at packet pickup.
Course guidance:  The buoys are simply a guideline to keep you on the best line.   It is highly recommended that you swim toward the first buoy keeping it just to your right.  When you get near the first buoy simply turn slightly and beging swimming down river toward the next buoy, this will give you the best river current and swim-line.  Keep all remaining  buoys to your right (you will be swimming between the island shoreline and the buoys).  There will be a large "candy corn" buoy marking the finish at the boat launch on the south end of the island.  Depending on rainfall, the last 25-50 yards can be fairly shallow. We will try to place some extra buoys in this section to help you navigate the best swim-line.  Overall its a fast and fun swim.  The river is wide so spread out and give each other room!!  Unless we have an unusal amount of rain, the river is shallow enough in places for you to stop and stand if you need to, but please don't rely on this and be prepared to swim and/or tread water the entire distance.

Bike - Out of transition, over Market Street Bridge turn left on to Front Street heading north past Division Street. Stay to the left fo the cones going out and to the right coming back.  Head north to Fort Hunter until you see our volunteers, please slow down and do a safe U-turn.  Return same route to transition area - approx. 14.5 miles.

Run – Out of transition area, go under the Walnut Street Bridge, past the batting cages and follow Championship Way around the island, going counter clockwise.   At the arcade (mile 1), go up the hill and over the Walnut Street Bridge and turn left onto Riverfront Walk and head north.  Follow the path to the Harvey Taylor Bridge and tak a sharp right following the path closest to Front Street (mile 2) heading back to the Walnut Street Bridge.  Run over the Walnut Street Bridge to City Island. Finish past parking garage - approx. 3.1 miles.
       *Please Note for the 2019 year, the run course will be temporarily changed due to construction on the lower level of the River Walk*

Race Information
General Info

Age Groups:  5 year increments from 15 up to oldest competitor: 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 , etc. 
Age according to USAT rules: corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event
Triathlon Awards will be given to TOP THREE men and women in EACH category and overall top male and female. 
Duathlon Awards, due to a smaller number of entrants,  will be awarded in 10 year increments up to the oldest competitor: 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 etc.....the top finisher ineach age category and to the overall top male and female.
The race is Chip Timed. This is our method of timing the race and helps to get complete results fast.
Register before the price increase to be guaranteed a limited edition T-shirt.
Post event food available.
There is a 300 athlete limit for this event.
Where we will have plenty of traffic safety professionals on the course this is still an open course so please keep your head up and watch out for other athletes and vehicles.

Rules & Regulations

Race will comply with applicable USAT rules. Read Now
We will make it as clear as possible but it is ultimately your responsibiliy to know the course and understand all rules and regulations.
Race will proceed rain or shine.  Race Director reserves the right to cancel or change event if weather conditions warrant.
No drafting is allowed.  We will have course marshalls and possibly USAT race officials on site enforcing rules.
Helmets are mandatory on bike sections and must be on and chin strap fastened before you mount your bike and remain on until after you dismount.
You must wear your helmet/bike number on the bike leg and your running number on the run leg.
DO NOT tear off the tag on your running number unless instructed to do so at the finsh line.
Please arrive early Sunday morning. You will need to pick up your timing chip.
If you are local, I strongly suggest picking up your race packet on Saturday as things get busy on race morning.  
You must wear the swim cap that is provided to you and swim with your designated wave. 
No outside assistance is allowed in the transition or on the course. we will have a vehicle patroling for pick-up assistance in the event of a bike failure.
No abuse of volunteers, police or others will be tolerated. Any abuse will lead to disqualification.
Please do not discard your GU packets, wrappers, water bottles or similar products on the course. Help us be good neighbors with the City of Harrisburg.
Awards must be picked up at the race.   We will do our best to start awards no later than 10.00am and keep it brief. 
We will have a local bike shop on site to provide some basic bike repair assistance if needed, but please inspect your bike prior to the race.

Open Water Swim Notes and Cautions

This is an open water swim.  There are no lines for guidance or walls to rest on.  The river is relatively safe and shallow enough to stand in most places but it is a dynamic and changing body of water that should be respected.  We will have Harrisburg river rescue and certified life guards on site. 
We will be testing the water in advance of the race for your safety.  
Water temperature is usually at or near 78 deg F.  We will follow the USAT rules on water temperatures and wetsuit usage.  Read Now
It is important to practice in open water before this or any event with the equipment you plan to race in (wetsuit, goggles etc).
Open water swim starts can be a bit intimidating.  If this is your first open water event simply start toward the back of your wave and take it slow and let the crowds go, it is normal for first timers to experience a little panic in the first part of the swim, but just keep swimming!  :)
At any time before the race if you don't feel confidant in your ability to complete the swim you can transfer to the duathlon event without penalty.
Only you the athlete know if you are prepared to complete this event, if there is any doubt please don't compete.
There is inherit risk in open water swimming such as cramps, panic attacks, stroke, heart attack, heart arrhythmia, physical injury from other swimmers, water obstacles, etc - that could result in serious injury or death.  Swimming is at your own risk.

Refunds and Transfer Policy

No refunds or transfers will be allowed for any reason.  Participants assume the risk, while exceptionally unlikely, that the race may be modified and or cancelled due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances at the race director's discretion and that no refunds will be issued.  In the event of weather the Race Director will consider every possible option prior to making a cancellation, including delaying the race start time and or modifying the race or distances.  Athletes safety takes the ultimate priority in any and all decisons.  Virtually all races operate under this policy, but few explain this up front.